Bible study at the Glenn Dale Campus is cancelled tonight.
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1 Peter 4:10

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

Congregational Care Ministries


The members of Reid Temple’s Bereavement Ministry are called upon to prepare and serve the repast meals that the church offers to the families and friends of deceased members after each funeral service. In that role, they are expected to demonstrate both compassion and efficiency: ensuring that all foods are prepared according to the family’s wishes, maintaining a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, and serving all guests in timely fashion. They are also responsible for clean up after each funeral banquet and for restoring the repast hall to its original order. 

Contact the Ministry Leader, 301-352-0320, ext. 402for more information on this ministry and its upcoming meeting dates and times. This ministry meets on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus.


“Celebrating the promises of God!”

The members of Reid Temple’s Cancer Support Group Ministry provide Christian comfort and compassionate spiritual support to persons whose lives have been touched by cancer. They organize and coordinate cancer prevention workshops and awareness events, maintain a cancer information clearinghouse, and work with national and local health organizations to develop useful resource tools for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, family members, and friends.

This ministry meets every 4th Thursday at 7:00pm on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus. 

Contact Sis. Shirley Harrison, Ministry Leader, 301-352-0320, ext. 422.


Members of the Reid Temple Deliverance Ministry offer testimony, the encouraging Word of God, prayer, and follow-up to those seeking inner healing and deliverance from the spiritual strangleholds that manifest as addictions and dependencies, depression, anger, and other forms of mental and emotional distress. The Deliverance Ministry provides support and relief to Christians and non-Christians alike—all are welcome to care, share, and bear witness to the challenges and victories of triumphant living! 


This ministry meets every Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus. Contact Rev. Janice C. Williams, 301-352-0320, ext. 420.


Reid Temple’s Pathway to Life Ministry is dedicated to empowering the members of our church and the broader community to eliminate the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Through education and service, this ministry provides a broad range of supports to people with HIV/AIDS, their caretakers, spouses, partners, children, and others—without regard to their sexual orientation, age, race, disability, or financial status. Pathway to Life ministers offer prayer and spiritual guidance to anyone infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. They also conduct HIV/AIDS prevention education activities for youth and adults; develop and distribute HIV/AIDS awareness materials; and make referrals for medical, mental health, and social services.

This ministry meets every 4th Tuesday at 7:00pm on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus.  Contact Dr. Lenora McClain, Ministry Leader, 301-352-0320, ext. 403.


“The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much.” James 5:16

Members of other Reid Temple ministries and lay members who feel the special call to intercessory prayer are welcome to participate in this ministry. P.U.S.H. members come together to pray for all those who request special prayer during worship services. They also are tasked to pray for the church; for the community, nation, and world; and in response to various individual and group prayer needs upon request.  The P.U.S.H. Ministry is available for persons requesting special prayer after every Sunday worship service. It also meets every Saturday morning at 6:00am on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus.  

Contact P.U.S.H. Leadership Team, Ministry Leader, 301-352-0320, ext. 454 or email us at RTAMECPUSH.GLENNDALE@GMAIL.COM


The Reid Temple Restoration Center, Inc. provides services to promote the educational, mental, physical, and spiritual well being of its congregants, residents in the Glenn Dale community, surrounding under-served communities, and the continent of Africa.

Visit the website for more details.


This ministry offers fellowship and support to all unmarried persons—whether they are members of Reid Temple or not, churched or unchurched—including those who are divorced or widowed and men and women who have never been married. Its mission is to empower single adults to build and maintain healthy, happy, and Christ-centered lives.   This ministry has monthly meetings and fellowship events bi-monthly at the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus.

Contact Rev. Lisa Purvis, Ministry Leader, 301-352-0320, ext. 461.


The Reid Temple Touch of Faith Ministry provides comfort and a support system for sick and shut-in members of the church and their families. Through visitations by telephone or in person at a home or health care facility, ministry members touch the lives of those who cannot physically attend church services due to illness, injury, or care-giving responsibilities. They reach out to the sick and shut-in through prayer, the reading of scriptures, and the ministry of presence. They also arrange for absentee church members to receive communion by ordained clergy as well as CD’s of videotaped church services.  Members interested in serving in this ministry must be comfortable being around sick persons and sensitive to a wide variety of health concerns. 

Contact Rev. Odessa Simpson, Ministry Leader, 301-352-0320, ext. 469, for more information on this ministry and its upcoming meeting dates and times. This ministry meets on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus.

We want you to be involved with Reid Temple
Caring For You

As we continue to change lives by His Spirit and fulfill God’s plan, Reid Temple holds fast to a simple yet profound passage from the Holy Bible - HAVE FAITH IN GOD.

We strive to demonstrate unshakeable faith moving our church to ever-greater heights and more meaningful involvement in the communities we serve through Almighty God.

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