About Missions and Welfare

The Commission on Missions and Welfare oversees, supports, facilitates, and evaluates our church’s efforts to address the needs of those who are in need. Reid Temple members who minister through this commission are called to assist members who are experiencing financial and non financial hardship, They also follow the Great Commission by going out into the communities to seek and save those who are lost spiritually. They are continually surveying the status of local and global communities to determine what kinds of outreach and support would best serve and elevate those in need. They implement a number of programs designed to uplift both the giver and the receiver of God’s great bounty and to restore lost souls to Christ. They also routinely assess the impact of their actions and prayers, guided by Scripture to determine whether the yield is great or small and making changes accordingly.

If you believe this type of service to be your calling, please consider one or more of Reid Temple’s Missions and Welfare ministries as your starting point! For more information on the various Missions and Welfare ministries, click on the links on the right.

Please Note: All persons wishing to volunteer in any Reid Temple A.M.E. Church ministry serving children and youth must first undergo and pass a state/federal criminal background check.

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