Bible Study

2 Timothy 2:15
Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Midweek Bible Study

Join Pastor Mark every Wednesday at 7:00PM, in-person or online to study the word of God at Midweek Bible Study. Midweek Instruction is a deeper dive into the Word and learn how to apply it to our daily lives. To receive Bible Study notes and presentations, email us at

At Reid Temple AME, we invite you to join us as we go Higher in God together! Each month Pastor Whitlock will bring a valuable message to help us learn, grow, and explore in spiritual ways. From Praying Higher in God in January to Finishing Higher in God in December join us as we rise and soar to even greater heights on our spiritual journey.

Study to show thyself approved! Join Pastor in person or online every Wednesday at 7pm.


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Bible Study Presentations

Title Type Size
Activate the Power of Prayer James 5 14 15 05/24/2023 pptx 7394 KB Download
How To Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing Matt 28 18 20 04/19/2023 pptx 10069 KB Download
How To Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing Matt 28 18 20 04/19/2023 pptx 10069 KB Download
How To Follow God’s Plan for Spiritual Authority James 4 6 10 03/29/2023 pptx 15587 KB Download
Bible Study - Faith is Perfected by Works Service James 2 14 18 - 03/01/2023 pptx 7600 KB Download
Bible Study - Bible Meaning of Lent and Purpose for Today 02/22/2023 pptx 12450 KB Download
How to Love People who are Difficult to Love 02/08/2023 pdf 1323 KB Download
Love is Action 02/01/2023 pptx 7106 KB Download
The Power of Jesus Name 1/25/2023 pptx 10934 KB Download
How to enter Gods presence 01/18/2023 pptx 11574 KB Download
Does Prayer really work Isa 45 11 12 01/04/2023 pptx 13326 KB Download
Love Language Physical Touch 12/14/2022 pptx 8312 KB Download
Love language 3 Receiving Gifts 12/07/2022 pptx 6936 KB Download
Love Language 1 Words of Affirmation 11/30/2022 pptx 3973 KB Download
Spending Quality Time Together 11/16/2022 pptx 8067 KB Download
Updated Sharing God's Plan with the Next Generation 11/09/2022 pptx 9605 KB Download
Updated God wants you to prosper 1.0 11/02/2022 pptx 9586 KB Download
Updated Financial Planning God's Way (Part 2) 10/26/2022 pptx 8223 KB Download
Financial Planning Gods Way 10/12/2022 pptx 6705 KB Download
Financial Planning Part 1 10/12/2022 pptx 2594 KB Download