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2 Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Bible Study: December 14, 2016 - The Resurrection of the Black Man

Welcome to the Glenn Dale Campus Bible Study Notes page!

12/13/2017True WorshipRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
10/11/2017Project IdentifyRev. Albert Jones
10/04/2017Pursuing Spiritual Transformation - Part IIRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
09/06/2017Pursuing Spiritual TransformationRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
08/30/2017Managing Crisis God's Way Rev. Joseph Deck
08/23/2017The Birthing of a Dream/Vision/Promise Sis. Vivian Smith
08/16/2017Faithfully Relying On GodRev. Keisha Smith
08/09/2017Prioritizing the Mission
 to Gather the HarvestRev. David Clark
08/02/2017VBS Galactic Starveyors
 RelationshipRev. Joseph Deck
07/26/2017Releasing the Ability of God Through Prayer
 - Session 4 Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
07/12/2017Releasing the Ability of God Through Prayer
 - Session 3 Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
07/05/2017Releasing the Ability of God Through Prayer
 - Session 2 Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
06/28/2017Releasing the Ability of God Through Prayer
 Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
06/14/2017Fasting to Achieve Financial Freedeom Michelle Singletary
05/24/2017No Hidden Agenda Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
04/26/2017Longsuffering Rev. Jennifer Wharton
04/19/2017Abomination of Desolation Seed...Part 3 Dr. Dowdy
04/05/2017It's Not Over: Life After Debt Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
03/22/2017The Lent Challenge - Part 3Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
03/15/2017The Supremacy of LoveRev. Tish Thomas Cokely
03/08/2017Lent Season: Temptation - Part 2Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
03/01/2017The Ash Wednesday Service:  The Holy Fast - Part 1Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
02/22/2017Church of the Living Dead
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
02/15/2017Email from Jesus - Part 2
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
Rev. Jennifter Wharton
02/01/2017Email from Jesus
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
01/25/2017Spiritual Warfare - Part IV
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
01/18/2017Spiritual Warfare - Part III
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
01/11/2017Spiritual Warfare - Part II
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
01/04/2017Spiritual Warfare - Part I
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
Caring For You

As we continue to change lives by His Spirit and fulfill God’s plan, Reid Temple holds fast to a simple yet profound passage from the Holy Bible - HAVE FAITH IN GOD.

We strive to demonstrate unshakeable faith moving our church to ever-greater heights and more meaningful involvement in the communities we serve through Almighty God.

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