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2 Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Welcome to the Glenn Dale Campus Bible Study Notes page!

10/09/2019Bring the Babies to Me-Part 2Rev. Mark Whitlock, Jr.
10/02/2019Bring the Babies to MeRev. Mark Whitlock, Jr.
09/11/2019A New Season: The Story of Stepping Into a New SeasonRev. Mark Whitlock, Jr.
09/04/2019A New SeasonRev. Mark Whitlock, Jr.
08/28/2019Invisible But Always ThereRev. Sheleta Fomby
08/21/2019Womanist ideology for today’s black womanRev. Monica A. Coleman, Ph.D.
08/07/2019Ain't I a Woman - Part 2Rev. Dr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
07/31/2019Ain’t I a Woman?”: Womanist Ideology for Today’s Black Woman Rev. Dr. Mark Whitlock
07/24/2019Who Is Jesus? - PT. 2Rev. Dr. Mark Whitlock
07/17/2019Who Is Jesus?Rev. Dr. Mark Whitlock
06/26/2019The Secret Life of KINGDOM DISCIPLESRev. Dr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
06/19/2019Advancing the Kingdom of God Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
06/12/2019Shook By an Unknown Spirit! Rev. Joseph Deck, III
04/10/2019Taking Jesus Seriously - Part 4Rev. Dr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
03/13/2019Taking Jesus Seriously - Part 3Rev. Dr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
03/06/2019Ash Wednesday - Lenten ServiceRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
02/26/2019Concealed WeaponsRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington

It Costs Everything to Get Everything
Tribute With an Attitude of Gratitude

Pastor Belina Wimbush-Hale
Pastor, Anita J. Gould

02/06/2019Taking Jesus Seriously - Part 2Rev. Dr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
01/30//2019Removing the Dominance of an
Impotent Power
Rev. Joseph Deck, III
01/23//2019It's Time to Take Jesus SeriouslyDr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
01/09//2019I Need Money - Part 1Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
Caring For You

As we continue to change lives by His Spirit and fulfill God’s plan, Reid Temple holds fast to a simple yet profound passage from the Holy Bible - HAVE FAITH IN GOD.

We strive to demonstrate unshakeable faith moving our church to ever-greater heights and more meaningful involvement in the communities we serve through Almighty God.

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