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2 Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Welcome to the Glenn Dale Campus Bible Study Notes page!

12/12//2018Dealing with FearDr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
11/09//2018Conscience and the Holy SpiritDr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
10/31//2018Thoughts on HalloweenRev. Omari K. Hughes
10/10//2018Basic Steps to VictoryRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
10/03//2018Ask for a SignRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
9/12//2018Servant: A Mark of Authentic LeadershipRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
8/15//2018Weaponizing Your WitnessRev. Dr. Debyii Sababu-Thomas
8/8//2018Staying FocusedRev. Joseph Deck, III
8/02//2018Believing God for the PromiseRev. Omari K. Hughes
7/25//2018Healthy Church TransitionRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
7/18//2018The Credibility of the WitnessRev. Omari K. Hughes
7/11//2018A Communications Perspective of WitnessingRev. Dr. Debyii Sababu Thomas
6/27//2018Culture to Witness - Part 2Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
6/13//2018Culture to WitnessRev. Sheleta Fomby
4/18//2018It's Time for Some Necessary EndingsRev. Sheleta Fomby
4/04//2018Living By FaithRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
3/07//2018Faith 1Rev. Omari Hughes
2/21//2018Graced to Give - FinalRev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
2/07//2018Graced to Give - Part 6Rev. Omari Hughes
1/31//2018Graced to Give - Part 5Rev. Omari Hughes
1/24/2018Graced to Give - Part 4Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington
1/17/2018Graced to Give - Part 3Rev. Omari Hughes
1/10/2018Graced to Give - Part 2Rev. Omari Hughes
1/3/2018Graced to GiveRev. Omari Hughes