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Romans 15:5-7 NIV

5May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, 6so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 7Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

August Community – Let’s Go!


Following the lead of our Pastor, the August Community is on the move in establishing “The Beloved Community.” Over the last two weeks we have installed the leadership team listed below to empower every member by engaging each other in witnessing to one another.

In the next two weeks we will be contacting and connecting with you to institute the process for:

  1. Offering radical hospitality to each other
  2. Recognizing the image of God in each of us
  3. Authenticating – listen and empathize with each other
  4. Building increase trust
  5. Acknowledging our conflict and pain and working to address them
  6. Speaking truth in love
  7. Learning how to resolve conflict as Jesus did
  8. Having concern for others

Congratulations to August 7th for having 4 members serving as Small Group Leaders and August 24th for having 3. This is an ideal number per day, and we encourage others that are willing to serve on days that already have Small Group Leaders to let us know so we can strengthen the communication, coordination and cooperation within those days.

It is our desire to have at least one Small Group Leader for each day. We have 16 days without a Small Group Leader. We welcome everyone who is willing to serve. Don’t worry, we will coach, train and support you in your efforts to serve you members.  

August Core Team


Joseph Smith (22) – Community Development Director
Deanita Davis (31) – Secretary
Phyllis Denson (8) – CLC- Secretary
Michele Smith – Hughes (18) – New Member Coordinator
Pernelope Whitby (7) – New Member Coordinator
Deborah Jefferson (30) – Chaplin

Pastoral Care Team:

Clyde Jackson (30) – Men Ministry
Jeremious Henderson – Men Ministry
Ken Smith – Men Ministry
David Bowman (17) – New Member Ministry
Larnice Hayes (3) – New Member Ministry

Class Leaders:
Brenda Stanley Austin (10)
Aretha Carr (4)
Connie May (3)
Daral Smith

Small Group Leaders:

8/3 - Larnise Hayes
8/7 - Deanna Brown, Montii T. Osei – Djan, Sha7M. Pannell and Pernelope Whitby
8/8 - Phyllis Denson
8/12 - Kamau Jackson
8/13 - Jarell Anderson
8/14 - John Anderson
8/17 - David Bowman
8/18 - Michele Smith – Hughes and Deanna Morring
8/23 - Joyce Ordor
8/24 - Robbin Bruce, Catherine Green and Anthony J. Scott
8/25 - Sunshine Walker
8/27 - Darlene Dunham
8/29 - Mary Quarles
8/30 - Deborah Jefferson and Lakesha Taylor
8/31 - Deanita Davis


Celebrating August Birthdays

We have 25 angels celebrating on August 3rd. We have 17 sisters and 8 brothers. They range in age from 26 to 83. Attached are introductions of some of the members so you may put the names and faces together and get to know them better.

Have a Blessed Birthday August 3rd members!

August 3 Birthdays