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To grow in relationship with Jesus Christ; by encouraging each other to be a servant leaders in our families, church and communities by establishing unity, camaraderie, and brotherhood. We will implement our vision by educating the men of Reid Temple North of all ages through fellowship, discipleship, and accountability. The use of Men’s Discipleship Groups will help facilitate in developing and reaching men of ALL Ages.  Our foundational Scripture is Romans 12:1-2.  Men’s Monthly Event/Bible Study - Every 2nd Saturday 8:30am-10am

Contact:  Rev. Darryl Williams


The Reid Temple North Campus is pleased to announce a new Conversation Series with 
Rev. Matthew L. Watley.  Each week Rev. Watley will convene with ministry groups to share his pastoral vision and listen to your voice in a special time of conversation, impartation and encouragement.  We invite you to join the discussion and hear the heart our leader, as we gather to host these intimate conversations.  View the Conversations webpage and details to register for one of the upcoming sessions.


The members of this ministry organize and coordinate services especially for married couples—members or nonmembers, happily or unhappily married. They arrange workshops, support groups, social events, recreational activities, and annual retreats and cookouts designed with one purpose in mind: to help married couples achieve happy, healthy, and Christ-centered relationships.  This ministry meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 9:00am on the Reid Temple-North campus.
Contact Bro. Eric or Sis. Wanda Smith, Ministry Co-Leaders, 301-679-1100, ext. 593; rtnmarriagemin@reidtemple.org.


The members of the Wedding Ministry provide guidance and premarital counseling to engaged couples. They also ensure that all weddings at Reid Temple honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that couples who want to use Reid Temple for their wedding ceremony are informed about and adhere to the church’s policies regarding marriage and weddings. Wedding Ministry members are also responsible for restoring the sanctuary and grounds to proper order after each ceremony.  This ministry meets one day each month on the Reid Temple-North Campus once a wedding is booked and as needed for special events.
Contact Sis. Bianca Bellinger, Ministry Leader, 301-679-1100, ext. 584.



“Developing daughters into disciples by connecting, growing, and serving.”
The Reid Temple-North Women’s Ministry is a community of Spirit-filled women committed to serving God, His church, and the broader community. Its purpose is to equip, encourage, and empower women to mature spiritually and to live by faith under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It strives to make disciples of women by encouraging them to connect inwardly with God, grow relationally with each other, and serve outwardly in the community. Through participation in this ministry’s Bible-based activities, women are provided with opportunities to know and experience God’s perfect love, grow in His grace, and celebrate His Kingdom in every area of life. Ministry members help to organize the church’s annual women’s season events as well as its women-focused conferences, quarterly fellowships, life groups, and other outreach initiatives.

Leader Camille Johnson  Email:  revcjohnson@reidtemple.org

Caring For You

As we continue to change lives by His Spirit and fulfill God’s plan, Reid Temple holds fast to a simple yet profound passage from the Holy Bible - HAVE FAITH IN GOD.

We strive to demonstrate unshakeable faith moving our church to ever-greater heights and more meaningful involvement in the communities we serve through Almighty God.

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