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Pastoral Support Ministries


The members of this ministry attend to the welfare of our Senior Pastor and his family. They are guided in their efforts by Holy Scripture, which states, “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine” (I Timothy 5:17). Their responsibilities include ensuring that opportunities and/or resources are made available to the Pastor so that he might be continually restored and renewed—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. In collaboration with the Board of Stewards, they also coordinate planning activities related to the Pastor’s anniversary celebration and other opportunities for members of the Reid Temple congregation to honor the Pastor and his family during the course of the year. 

Contact: Claudia Womble 301-352-0320, ext. 450


The Stewardesses of Reid Temple assist the Board of Stewards in the administration of its duties. They are responsible for preparing the church altar before each Sunday service, to ensure that the Communion linens and utensils are clean and that the altar rail is dressed. They also order the elements of the Lord’s Supper for consecration and administration to the Pastor and congregation. During Sunday services—when they are required to dress in white garments for special visibility and to sit together at the front of the church, close to the altar—members of the Board of Stewardesses assist at the altar during Baptisms, prayers, confessions, and re-dedications.

Members of the Board of Stewardesses are nominated by a member of the Board of Stewards and approved by the Senior Pastor. This ministry meets every Saturday before the 1st Sunday at 11:00am on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus. 

Contact Sis. Peggy Edwards, Board of Stewardesses President, 301-352-0320, ext. 465.


The members of the Reid Temple Board of Stewards are the spiritual lay leaders of the church. In that important spiritual leadership role, they attend to, and are held accountable for, the church’s overall spiritual and financial health and renewal. The Stewards collect and manage all funds received by the church, and they ensure that adequate provisions are made for the salary, travel, and comforts of the Senior Pastor and his family. As the Pastor’s “cabinet,” the Stewards assist him in promoting and following his God-given vision for Reid Temple’s growth and progress. They oversee the activities of the church’s numerous ministries, commissions, clubs, committees, and other organizations, and organize revival and evangelistic programs to ensure that the church remains spiritually healthy.   


The members of the Board of Stewards are selected by the Senior Pastor and confirmed by the Quarterly Conference.  This ministry meets every 1st Monday at 7:00pm  on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus.

Contact: Dr. Anton Bizzell Steward Pro-tem, 301-352-0320, ext. 305


The Reid Temple Board of Trustees is appointed by the congregation to manage all of the temporal concerns of the church, such as matters relating to its physical plant and facilities. All church properties are registered in the name of the Board of Trustees. Trustees are nominated by the Senior Pastor and selected by a vote of the church membership. This ministry meets every 2nd Monday at 7:00pm on the Reid Temple-Glenn Dale Campus.

Contact: Marlon Broady, Trustee Pro-tem, 301-352-0320, ext. 406.